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Fruit Trees: The best time to plant fruit trees is July to September.You can plant throughout the year, but don't be afraid to plant them when its still cold.Some of the early peaches has started growing already

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Clivias: The clivia season has started. They are opening one by one. Its so lovely to see. When the clivias start blooming, I know that Spring is here! It puts a spring in my step.

Succulents / Vetplante: Its always succulent time. We have a wide variety of succulents. If you are looking for the one you don't have yet, come have a look. Take your time to look through the succulents. You may think you have them all, but there are thousands of different varieties out in the world...

Shrubs:: Some of the shrubs like the potato bushes are flowering now.

Visit us in Bapsfontein for an interesting collection of trees, fruit trees, plants, shrubs, succulents and other garden needs. We offer a Wide Variety of indigenous and exotic plants as well as cement products and other nursery supplies. Services: Garden Maintenance Services offered to shopping centers, developments and anyone else with a garden. We offer several options - daily, weekly or monthly service. Contact Us to request a FREE quote.


Kiddies Play Area RobinPlants now have a kiddies play area. Bring your kids to play.

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Garden Maintenance Services available in Bapsfontein, Petit, Delmas, Pretoria East and Benoni. Contact us for a free quotation.


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